Our mission is to render a service to markets where we have attained

expertise over time.

Explore SA GS Rental & Tours

As our whole family are motorcycle fanatics we decided to spread our wings and make our knowledge and expertise in this field available to other bikers who require a rental on fixed terms and conditions. South Africa has vast open spaces, passes and beautiful areas for biker exploration. We are here to provide a service.




Structural Engineering, Shot Blasting & Paint?- Our Core Business!

Over the last 28 years we have successfully completed many structural projects since we started operations way back in 1984 in the homeland of Gazankulu in the far North of South Africa.

Our motto is No Shortcuts!

With this in mind our many Clients over the year have learnt to trust what we say, and we do what we say.

Idle promises are not part of our vocabulary and we strive to complete in advance of the expected delivery date.







Crane trucks

The trucks are required for our own transport and erection operations and when idle we make them available to our Clients. These are special vehicles and quite scarce in the public domain.



HugenootSA :Kleinkasteel Stud

A cattle breed that we bought into as a hobby and now love the stock to such that we become emotional when some members need to be removed from the herd. Pure bred and registered bulls available throughout the year.




We provide communication systems and other gadgets for the rider that requires that extra to make his/her life a pleasure